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Anthem featured in Boating and Wakeboarding magazines.

This spring has proven the need for exceptional salesmanship and branding. The Tommy’s debacle impacts every fiberglass boat seller with product that looks like Malibu’s. That’s every glass brand.

Lower than expected door swings, tough interest rates and high inventories aren’t helping.

But there’s some hope. Floor plan companies do point to increasing sales and with better summer weather there’s optimism.

You know Anthem’s not like anything else, the mag reviews confirm this. Boating is the most widely read title with over 60,000 eyeball pairs reading every issue, plus pass along readers. Wakeboarding is another strong title, more specifically read by the wake sports crowd.

Their buyer’s guides, email blasts and feature articles paint Anthem as a most viable choice to the widest possible market. Here’s a refresher on the buyer’s guide:

And, this feature just came out in the June/July Boating issue. It’s another Anthem bonus, speaking to Anthem’s versatility and appeal across several buyer segments. We continue to bang the drum.

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