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Anthem’s retail network is expected to expand rapidly.

We have orders and will announce dealerships as inventories reach new markets.


Finance your Anthem with competitive rates and terms.  Anthem’s finance arm specializes in major investments, offering you the most aggressive interest rates with terms up to 20 years.  Partnering with the nation’s largest banks, regional banks, credit unions and subprime lenders, you’ll have the best possible selection of finance options.



We know you’re excited, Anthem’s finance arm makes every effort to respond within 60 minutes of your application.  Your final rate and terms offer is based upon your credit.  Here are some potential sample rates:

- $200,000 -20 Years @ 5.24% = $1,347.00

- $175,000 – 20 years@ 5.24% = $1,179.00

- $125,000 – 20 years @ 5.24% = $842.00

- $75,000 – 20 years @ 5.24% = $504.96



These rates are based upon excellent credit, your actual rate may be lower or higher.  Please click here to apply with no risk or obligation:  []



[ 12.10.22 Update ] Recent financial market volatility and changing Fed rates may impact the above. Please see your local dealer for current rates. All sales through authorized Anthem dealers.

See our current dealers below!

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