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Anthem is quite possibly the most high tech boat on the water. Its V3 Flash Fill Ballast System™ takes on or drains 3600lbs in about 3 minutes without any pumps or complex plumbing. A true game changer. No other boat has the Sport Ramp™. Loading your gear, friends and family has never been easier. And inAnthem's Aura Concept Layout™, also patented, you'll cruise in plush comfort while surfing like a pro.


Anthem's patented technologies are game changers elevating the boating experience. Anthem's Mil Spec built means far less maintenance. Anthem's patented layout makes you lament leaving the lake. And athletes at every level appreciate Anthem's range of capabilities. Anthem entertains everyone better.

Unlike anything else on the water, Anthem's design fuses pontoon comfort with surf boat performance. More of what you want, less of what you don't.




Easy on, Easy Off. Our patented Sport Ramp is designed to make boarding the vessel a breeze, whether from the dock, beach or even from the water.

Girl entering the Anthem Boat via the patented sport ramp from the beach.


Quit wrestling across the interior getting in and out and heaving your gear up, over the side.

Anthem's patented powered Sport Ramp™ reinvents access from the beach, trailer or dock.

Stride instead of struggle.


It gets better. A telescoping 3 step ladder integrated into the Sport Ramp™ is like adding hot fudge to your sundae. Get in and out of the water more easily with less effort. More water time joy, less boarding aggravation. Elevate your boating experience.


The only boat of its kind. Anthem's powered bow ramp also serves as a second swim platform. Adjustable across a range of 140°, it’s a swim up ramp that transforms into a lounging platform when out of the water. There’s a telescoping ladder too. Anthem checks every box in setting new standards for the best days on the water.




If you desire the most comfortable and convenient design you’d engineer this. No other boat offers Anthem’s plushness, freedom to move about or boarding ease.


With the possible exception of big yachts, boarding boats brings a bit of anxiety. A big step up or down, hauling yourself over the side, trampling the interior or balancing like a ballerina while gripping your gear can take the shine off boating.


But not with Anthem, it's the most socially inviting design available. Regardless of age, capabilities or acrobatic talent, Anthem is easy. Pick either side of the dock, there are doors on both sides. Or get on and off the bow since it opens widely. Stroll down the transom companionway without climbing over anything. There's nothing else like it and it's endorsed by 100% of everyone who sees it.


And Anthem's Aura Concept Layout, also patented, is the most socially engaging design in the business. Quit yelling over the windshield, lounge like never before and enjoy pure comfort and joy with those you love


You don't have to be Hercules to heft your coolers, bags and gear over the side with Anthem. Stride the

ramp, save your back. Doors on both sides, easy transom and bow access means loading from the trailer, beach or dock

comes naturally. Leave loading acrobatics to other boat owners, Anthem is like lemonade on a hot day.


Anthem unleashes a feeling of freedom like no other. Winning a Top Product award by Boating Industry, Anthem's convenience and performance combination is matchless. Don't confine yourself, enjoy a better boating experience, making great memories with less stress.




The system takes on 3600 pounds of ballast
in about 3 minutes without any pumps, water valves or complex plumbing. The most advanced system available today, it’s also the most eco friendly. Controlled with one touch on the dash, tweak the wakes infinitely to each rider’s liking for surfing and all wake sports.

Anthem Boat's V3 Flash Fill Ballast System takes on or drains 3600 lbs of water in about 3 minutes without any pumps or complex plumbing.


Anthem's patented V3 Flash Fill Ballast System ™ is the only ballast system that drains dry in about 3 minutes with no operator involvement. No switches to flip, no checking to see if it's working, no mind numbing waiting. Yes, it's dazzling. Your life is easier and you're doing right by our waterways with Anthem.


Truly a game changer, the V3 Flash Fill Ballast System™ fills or drains 3600 pounds of ballast in about 3 minutes without any pumps or complex plumbing. And since it’s easy to inspect, fully drains and dries quickly, it virtually eliminates the transport of invasive species making it the most eco friendly system available.  That also means no special winterization process is required.


Anthem makes it easy to create your perfect wave with a finger touch on the dash to independently control each of the transom and bow tanks to your preference. For added convenience, don't worry if you forget, or don't want to drain your system prior to trailering your Anthem or putting it on your lift. When the hull comes out of the water the ballast system completely empties automatically.


​Your days of ballast frustrations, waiting and dealing with pump headaches are over. Anthem's V3 Flash Fill Ballast System™ is what all ballast systems aspire to be.



Worry less about driving it on the beach or hitting the dock, Anthem’s heavy gauge aluminum ruggedness is peerless. Being 100% recyclable and without any VOC emissions in the build process, Anthem’s hull is also the most environmentally friendly in the market today.



If you are fascinated by Ferraris, the most advanced war ships and space rockets, you'll love Anthem's mil spec aluminum construction. Anthem redefines ruggedness, durability and minimal maintenance. A unique pedigree, Anthem creates a new category of boats fusing features, technology and fresh thinking in ways that matter most. It's the most evolved approach to your best days on the water. Behind Anthem's CAD designs, advanced build and focus on innovation is an unwavering dedication to deliver an elevated boating experience. Your smile is all we're after.


Anthem is many things that other boats are not. Anthem is beautifully rugged, tough and shines brilliantly where other boats fail. Hit the dock with your Anthem and you should be more worried about your dock. Typical fiberglass trailering damage, sun fading, beach scarring and waxing are in your past with Anthem. Trailering damage, sun fading, beach scarring and waxing are in your past with Anthem. If you don't feel like covering your Anthem, then don't. The hull and deck are designed to last decades without service.

Expensive repairs and time consuming maintenance are replaced with less worry, unfathomed freedom and environmentally responsible recyclability.

Here's a harsh truth, every fiberglass boat will get spider cracks. Fiberglass failures come with an expensive and time consuming decision, either repair or live with the defect. Neither option is attractive.

Anthem's heavy gauge construction won't ever spontaneously crack. The ASTM 5082 thick aluminum marine alloy is designed for rugged use. Spider cracks, fading, demanding maintenance and other fiberglass disappointments that devalue your boat and rob your time are not part of the Anthem ownership experience. Anthem's robust construction, durability and toughness is unmatched.

Anthem elevates the boating experience, fear less enjoy more.


Owning an Anthem means more fun, less work. Anthem's aluminum and composite military spec construction is designed to last more than a lifetime without typical boat maintenance drudgery.

Worry less about driving it on the beach or hitting the dock, Anthem's heavy gauge aluminum ruggedness is peerless. Being 100% recyclable and without any VOC emissions in the build process, Anthem's hull is also the most environmentally friendly in the market today.


Spend more time on the water creating great memories. Nobody remembers a great wax job, but they do remember the best times of their lives. Rethink boating, think Anthem.




Fully designed in CAD and proven in CFD, Anthem Tactical Sport Vessels™ are built to Mil Spec standards. Anthem's designers and master craftsmen incorporate ISO and ABYC norms into stringent processes and materials specifications in an effort to produce the most robust boats possible. Over 150 laser cut alloy parts are welded inside and out, comprising over 800 man hours in each Anthem, thus each extraordinary boat is a work of art.


Like Navy warships, Anthem boats are designed for robust performance. Quit worrying about pulling up on the beach or hitting the dock. Boat with more confidence, because you can. Focus on fun, not fear. Your mission-ready Anthem is prepared to deliver your best days on the water.

Anthem's construction DNA evolved from boats designed to excel in naval warfare. No other build can claim that. Spend more time boldly pursuing your on-water fun, less time worrying.


Anthem boats are built in the most storied ship yards in the USA. Anthem's production pedigree has been honed by over 125 years of building ships, commercial, search and rescue, research and military vessels. The latest technologies, materials and practices yield boats worthy of bearing "mil spec" standards.

Passion is deeply embedded in Anthem's DNA, its management team comprises experienced industry experts and athletes. Driven by innovations that matter, inspiring performance and instinctive designs that elevate the boating experience, Anthem is dedicated to building what today's buyers crave.

Military specs and blue print for Anthem Boats



Custom driver seat with swing up arm rests, vertical, fore/aft adjustment and bolster. Thruster. Digital shift and throttle. Dual glove boxes, tilt wheel and premium steering system. 12” touch screen with full engine management, navigation, surf/ballast controls, digital switches and Zero Off. RGB lighting and superb bluetooth stereo with over 1500 watts of power.



Purists will feel right at home, those new to boating won't be intimidated. Anthem's Pro Cockpit™ is intuitive and thoughtfully designed. Everything's in the right place, the latest technology is a touch away and piloting a boat has never been friendlier.

Anthem's attention to getting it right means trading anxiety for ease. Instinctively operate the largest touch screen available, smartly set awesome wakes and adjust your speed with a fingertip. Thread the tightest marina gas docks and load the trailer with the thruster like an expert. Digital fly by wire controls and silky premium steering compliment the most inviting cockpit available today.

Whether a seasoned captain or new to boating, Anthem makes you look like a pro.




Making your experience better, one feature at a time.


Experiencing Anthem's swim rails are like the first time you had hot fudge on your ice cream. Something great made so much better. Don't be a prisoner of your swim platform, fearlessly explore more. Let your inner swimmer explorer roam freely.

Tie your tubes, soak with friends and relax more safely while at anchor or beached. Trade treading water for the convenience and safety of Anthem swim rails. Endorsed by kids 4 to 94, swim rails are the cherry on your ice cream sundae. Just one more way Anthem makes your day on the water the best.



Easily store up to 7 boards and other gear, out of the way, but not difficult to get to.



No other boat comes close to Anthem's convenient and abundant board storage. Opening wide directly from the platform, Anthem's Board Cavern ™M securely stashes about 7 boards plus tools and gear.

Of course there are also rotating board racks for carrying multiple boards on your tower. But Anthem goes further, creating the best possible storage and access set up. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, Anthem makes it easy to get on the water. Add Anthem's super comfy jumbo transom lounger into the equation, this is what you want.



Making easy-access easier, for all ages.

Boarding Anthem Side Door


Stop stepping all over your interior. Boarding your boat doesn't have to mean mounting your motor box, scaling the side and trampling the upholstery. No, forget that. Anthem has doors on both sides, a patented powered bow Sport Ramp™M and transom walk thru, it's the only boat like it. Go ahead, favor family, friends and pets with a superior experience. Anthem makes boating better with unmatched, easy entry and exit from the dock, beach, trailer or water.

Anthem Boat driver enjoying every second driving this one of a kind surf boat.


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