How Much Does The Karma 23 Cost?  

The standard Karma is very well equipped and the list of options is short.   The base MSRP is about $169,000.  Popular options, such as tower, surf system, thruster, GPS navigation, trailer, can push the MSRP to over $200,000.




The Karma 23 Has Unique Styling, How Did You

Arrive There?

There’s no point in duplicating what’s already in the market. We’re hard core users, have built other boat brands and wanted to produce something different from a clean sheet that makes perfect sense from the moment you board. Taking cues from the aerospace, military, luxury and other channels, the Karma’s form follows function. Field reports from those that have seen and touched it are overwhelmingly positive. It’s the perfect fit for multi boat families that would rather have one boat that performs for both water sports and cruising in comfort.


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